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Always have a camera handy. Bring along what ever camera you have even if its a phone camera.
Point and shoot as well as phone cameras are getting better everyday!

What cameras do I use? 

  My main DSLR camera's are a Nikon D7200 and 7100 (primary and backup)  I also use a Nikon P7800 compact camera.

What DSLR camera lenses do I use and recommend?

  For wildlife and scenic photography I have two lenses that I'm very pleased with. For most wildlife and some scenic situations my "go to" lens is a Tamron 150-600mm. Wildlife photographers can't get enough reach, but the cost of super-telephoto lenses can be out of reach for most of us, you may want to consider renting. For many wildlife situations and to remain a safe and respectful distance from your subject you want the longest lenses you have access to. I'm seeing amazing results from many point and shot cameras with 10x and better zooms. For most scenic situations I use a Nikon 18-55mm, and to go really wide I use a Tokina 11-14mm. The Tokina also doubles as my primary for Astro/Night Sky Photos.

Nikon, Canon or what camera?

  If anyone tells you one is better than the other that person is not paying attention, or they are just interested in selling you what they have. My advise is to go to your favorite camera store and pick them up and see which feels the most comfortable and seems to be the most intuitive to you. There are also other great products like Pentax, Leica, Sony and Zeiss. The best advise, whatever camera you choose, is get to know your device.

Nikon Shooters will benefit greatly from these video tutorials from Mr. Steve Perry at Backcountry Galleries.

For everything that is not clear in the manual, Thom Hogan’s Complete Guide Books are a must have.

Other tid bits worth mentioning: